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Adding Facebook Group Plugin Widget To Your Sidebar

Wondering how to add facebook group plugin widget to your website sidebar area after installing WP Facebook Group Promoter?

Thank you for coming around. I assumed you’ve installed the plugin, if not please follow this guide to do that and then proceed with this doc.

In order to use widgets, you would need a trial or premium version of the plugin which you can get without leaving your dashboard. Let me show you that before I show you how to setup the widget.

First proceed to the settings page of the plugin and click on Account sub menu then click on Free Trial menu as shown below.

By default single license is selected, you can optin to have unlimited site license if you want so that you can use the plugin on unlimited website, then click on START MY FREE 7 DAYS as shown below.

Then you would get to this page. Please click on Review Order menu below to confirm.

The option below is needed to be ticked if you want to automatically install the plugin after the plugin upgrade, if YES then click on Start Trial menu to get started.

Please follow the two prompts after this stage and finally you should have what is shown below.

There you have the premium version of the plugin. Congratulations.

Now go over to Appearance menu and click on Widgets and there you would see the Join My Group widget, all you need to do is to drag that widget to anywhere on your website you want it to show up.

In my case, I’m going to drag it to the right sidebar and fill in the forms. As usual, the default width is 280, I changed the value to 220 so suit the width of the sidebar of the theme am currently using. You can consider to do the same if you like.

facebook group plugin widget

Here is how it looks in the sidebar. Is this not pretty?

Note: I’m using the dark theme/skin color, you can switch to lighter version if you want.

If you like to use the widget in other part of your website e.g in the footer area, you can do the same by dragging it to that particular area.

That’s it.

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