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How To Install and Customize WP Facebook Group Promoter Plugin

Welcome to the official documentation of WP Facebook Group Promoter Plugin by KanKoz team. This is the first wordpress facebook group plugin that ever surface on the internet.

System Requirements:

We assume you have installed wordpress on your website. In order to use the facebook group plugin to promote your group on your website, you would need:

  • PHP 5.3 or later.
  • MYSQL 5.3 or later.


In order to install this plugin on your website, you would need to follow these steps:

Step 1: In your wordpress admin area, go to the plugins section and click on “Add New” then search for Facebook Group Promoter as shown in the image below then click “Install Now” button or you can try the manual installation method by going over to the plugin page on wordpress.org to download it.

how to install wp facebook group promoter plugin

Step 2: The next thing you need to do after installing the plugin is that you need to activate it, by clicking on “Activate” button as shown below.

Then you can choose to optin for security and feature updates or not, so click on “Allow & Continue” button or skip. I’m going to select Allow so that I can always get updates.

From here you would be led to the settings page from where you can enable the plugin and set it up properly.

facebook group plugin for wordpress

Please supply your facebook app ID, group URL and also tick the option: Promote group below posts to make the facebook group promotion banner to show up below your facebook posts.

Initially, the width of the banner would be empty and by that a default value of 280px would be assigned to it but over here I have supplied 500px and below is the result.

This is going to be displayed below every posts on your website. In the banner width, you can use values between 180px & 500px only depending on your preferred size. If I reduce the size of this banner to 300px, here is going to be the result.

You can see the difference. Feel free to play around with the Include Social Context and Include Meta Data options to see what is changing.

I hope this helps!

Next: After this point, you would need to setup widgets and also use shortcode to display this promotional banner in your sidebar and within any part of your website posts & pages, please continue with this doc.

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